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After 30 years of being broke... and even homeless, insider declares:

"This Is EXACTLY How You Go From Broke And Unemployed To Making Over $29,842.33 In Less Than 30 Days
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IF you've ever wanted to make job ending cash with just a few hours from your home computer, then this will be the most important true story you ever read...

Over the next 7 minutes, I'm going to show you exactly how I went from broke, unemployable and flat out homeless to earning just under a thousand dollars a day from the internet. I'll also show you precisely how you can copy my results quickly and painlessly so that your accounts look just like mine... 

But First I Need To Tell You What This
Program Is NOT...

NO... This is NOT another rehashed Adwords guide that makes you dogfight with the competition for mere scraps...

NO... This is NOT an undercooked "me too" affiliate "secrets"

NO... This is NOT a program that requires ANY further investment, you can start right now even if you're completely broke like I was...


From: Jonny Andrews

Dear Friend,

Let me guess... right about now you may be wondering if all this "Hype" you're seeing is the real deal... maybe you're even asking yourself why you are, yet again, reading another "pitch from the internet" about something that claims to make a lot of money quickly and easily...

Would I be close? 

If you're anything like me then you've probably seen 'em all, tried 'em all and had each and every one of them suck... sound familiar?

Yep, I hear where you're coming from.  I've been in your situation before...

I've been broke...

I've been unemployed...

And even when I did have a "JOB" I seriously hated it... my boss was, without fail, the biggest jerk on the planet.

I'm not kidding!  The last guy I worked for had a reputation for freaking out like a 2-year-old and throwing computer monitors at people!  (True story)

But all of this is not for me to get you to feel sorry for me... it's to simply get the point across that I actually do get where you're coming from. 

And what's even more important is the fact you ARE asking questions...

It Is Vital To Ask Questions... Questions Like:

Is this for real?

Will this actually work... even if I'm new?

Can I truly make money that fast? 

Is this too good to be true... or will I be taken for a ride?

You always should be asking these questions... especially in today's economy.

Like I said before, I have been where you might be now... trying everything and having nothing work... no matter how much effort I put into it.

So before I continue... I Need To Stress This Point: I Am Not Special. I Do Not Have Powers Beyond That Of Mortals... I Was A Dork With A Computer...

But What I Discovered By Accident Is So Powerful, Yet So Easy, Anyone Can Achieve Success And Make HUGE Sums Of Money Online Quickly...

And In Just A Few Seconds I'll Show You The Undeniable Evidence That Everything I Say To You Today Is 100% True Guaranteed... 

Hey, I Get It... You're Still Not Totally Convinced...

Maybe now you're wondering if that graphic up there is one of the "Famous Photoshoped" ClickBank income things you've been hearing about...

After all... if I was homeless and broke wouldn't I be desperate for cash?  Wouldn't I do or say anything to get paid?  At least, that's what I would be asking if I were you...

Is He Lying To Me?  Are These All A Bunch Of Fake
ClickBank Screen Shots?

I'm right there with you... when it comes to somebody selling something on line my guard is 100% up and I flat out refuse to make a move until the dude really shows me the money... the money...

So to answer that question "Is all this totally fake?"  I've made a little video for you...

Click The Video Below & See Real Proof: Because While You CAN Fake Screen Shots... You CANNOT Fake Actual, Flowing Income...

Here Are My "End Of Day" Results From This Single Tactic You Just Saw In The Video:


This System Makes Money...


This System Is 100% Guaranteed...


This System Can Work For YOU...

Now That We Have Established The Fact
I'm Telling You The Truth...

...Let's Show You How To Make Money!

Even if you've been online for even a short time, you have probably noticed most other products claim to be able to show you the way to wealth... something about fast and easy.  Right?

Here's the problem: I have yet to find one that is actually fast or easy!  They all seem to be hundreds of pages filled with confusing techno-jargon without very much "meat".

What really shows you how to make money is something that's fast, easy, and broken down into bite-sized chunks... something that sets you up from square one... gets you making cash fast, and then shows you EXACTLY how to build...

Not too many of those around.  Have you noticed?

But every now and then... one can rise above the rest. 

And when that happens... everything changes.

Only Every So Often... Maybe Only Once In Your Lifetime... An Opportunity Presents Itself And
You Just Can't It Pass Up... 

Melissa Stood Up And Said "YES!" She Took Her Opportunity And Even With Zero Computer Skills...

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I hope you are having a Great Holiday!

Thanks to your magical little system I was able to buy myself this wonderful
new computer after my check came in $2077!

My kids minds were blown when "SANTA" gave them brand new bikes and gifts
under a tree that wasn't there on Christmas eve night but with some "MAGIC"
from "SANTA JONNY" it was all there when the kids woke!

SO all in all I think it was the best Christmas I have ever been able to give to my Children!

Thank you!! From the top to the bottom of my heart for this "SANTA MAGIC" system!

Melissa Scheeringa

Your Crossroads... And The True Story Of How All This
Really Happened...

As I said before, I used to be totally broke... at best living pay check to pay check, working jobs that made me miserable...

But then something happened, I discovered something incredible that changed everything...

I embraced my dream for a better life... and I seized my opportunity...

But for me it was not easy.  Because I did not yet know the secrets I'm about to share with you

Being the dork I am, I came up with an idea and decided to launch an online business.  (sound familiar?)

I suppose I woke up one day and made up my mind I'd had enough of my boss.  He was, after all, a total jerk. 

So with almost zero intelligent foresight I began the insane, drawn-out process of attempting to build something outside of the normal 9 to 5. 

Let me give you a quick peek into my Internet "Guru" Background:

I had none

I had never built a website...

I had never sold online...

I had pretty much never made any money outside of my normal job.  Ever.

I had never even HEARD of Adwords or SEO or any of that "Guru" crap...

I had never heard of "List Building"...
I had never heard of "Info Product Marketing"...
And I most certainly did NOT know what the word "Niche" meant!

Perhaps you've been there? 

Here's a quick breakdown of what my average week used to look like:

Woke up early... sat down in front of my computer...

Came home for lunch... sat down in front of my computer...

Came home from work... sat down in front of my computer...

Weekends?  (See previous 3 points)

Lather, rise, repeat...

Now you may be wondering:

"By Doing All That Work You Were Able To Make $29,842.33 That Fast?"

Well no, I may have fudged the numbers a bit on that one... 

You see it was really over $107,000 in my first year but I didn't know that at the time because when I stumbled onto this secret, the money started coming in so fast I couldn't count it until much later!

But no...

That Was NOT the Super-Secret-Money-Making-Success-Formula".... 

That Was The "Super-Secret-Get-My-Ass-Fired-Because-I-Was-Neglecting-My-Job" Formula!


I was so focused trying to build my online business I completely tuned out at my "real job" and found myself filling out forms at the unemployment office. 

Let's put aside for a moment what all my friends and family were saying about me and my new "Internet Business" and focus on the facts:

FACT #1: I had screwed myself...
FACT #2 After over 4 months I still had no idea what I was doing...
FACT #3:

Because of #2 I had over spent on "Internet Guru" eBooks...

FACT #4: Because of Fact #3 I had ZERO cash to buy food...

Bottom Line: I Had No More Money And Was
Scared Out Of My Mind...

Now here is the point where you will want to pay attention.  I'm going to give you the formula I used to pull my head out of my butt and start seeing some income... 

You see, my problem was I had been reading too many outdated eBooks about the "Uncovering The Secrets of This" or the "Cracking The Code of That" and was using techniques that made no sense or had little to no effect... 

How Was I Supposed To Know What Techniques Would Work And Which Were A Joke??  

I was a total newbie, had no experience in this at all, was blowing cash left and right...

How was there any way to know everything I was buying was guaranteed to destroy my progress? 

I Had Spent Over $2,550 On "Guru How To Books" In Less Than 4 Months

The major issue here was how much of what they were selling was recycled content.  In fact, I bought so many books, CDs and training kits that a pattern began to emerge! 

I'm not kidding, I cracked the code of the "Guru Code"

Would You Like To Know The Ultimate Secret Of The Wealthy?

Take what everyone else is saying, re-write it into your own words and then sell it to people exactly like me.  Now you can make a million dollars in 2 seconds! 

Wow!  Wasn't that easy?

Here's the problem with that: 5 years ago somebody might be able to get away with re-hashing the same old BS.  But things have changed since then.  The Internet is a vastly different place. 

What made all the difference, and pulled me out of my financial hole before they came to tow my car was I stopped listening to the "Gurus" and started paying attention to what was going on around me!

THAT is what made all the difference... 

Simply Copy/Paste These Exact, Secret Techniques So YOU Also Can Have A Total Cash Transformation...

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And That's Not Even The Half Of It... When You Begin Using These Simple Systems, Dominating ClickBank Is
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$6,436.00 In No Time On Top Of What What You Can Make In ClickBank... (and there's more...)

Once You Unlock These Secret Systems, You Can Even Get Paid To Give Stuff Away Free!
(Yes, it's true... I got paid $6,240.00 to give a bunch of cool, free stuff to people...)

...And Now You Can Finally Discover How To Do

Before we continue, I need to ask a question:

Are You Happy With Your Online Success? 

Have The "Make Money" Books Made you the money you were looking for?

I would hazard to guess not.  In fact, if statistics are any real indication I'd guess you may be just like I was, part of the 99.999% of Internet Hopefuls who loose their shirts and their dreams every year to "Get Rich Online" hype. 

Let me tell you about another odd benefit that came from buying all that worthless eBook junk: You can see the truth.  You can compare the stark contrast between what we are being sold, and how this business really works! 

I discovered most of these wealthy online 'elite' were so busy re-writing each others books they missed the real secrets!

Most Of These So Called Gurus Know Nothing About How To Actually Run An Autopilot Business...
But They Sure Love To Sell The Dream!

I?m not going to lie to you, what you?re about to read isn?t for everyone.

You see, I had to fight for my knowledge... I had to struggle every day against the insane amount of bad and misleading information....

I'll be honest, this was not easy for me to discover.  I had to spend hours every day slaving away at my computer... abandoning site after site, business after business...

Until finally, after all that hard work...

I Cracked The Code And Discovered The Secret...

Looking back, over all my shattered hopes and dreams, all the lies and all the wasted effort I was clearly able to see the path I SHOULD HAVE taken...

They say hindsight is 20/20... You know what I mean?

Now all I have to do is focus on the few tactics and systems that actually work!  Now it's easy! 

And that's why you are very, very fortunate to have found this page.

When You Follow These Simple Step-By-Step, Copy/Paste Systems... Making Money Online Has Become Easier Than Ever!

Your life does NOT have to be like mine...   you CAN make it easy!

If you take control of your situation now, stop listening to the lies and start taking a more simple approach you can turn it all around!

Now You Can Explode Your Income Faster And
Easier Than Ever!

Once I discovered the total Guru ignorance and misuse of the new technology I was able to change everything...

What I found may be uncomfortable for you to swallow, because I'm not just going to expose these secrets...

I am going to string them up for all to see...

Would You Like To Know These Vital Secrets? 

"You Have The Best Material Online I've
Seen In 8 Years"

Jonny my name is Joe

I purchased your System and I gotta tell you...

You have the very best material online I've seen in 8 years.

It is the best written, it's workable, it's bold, and to the point.

Jonny maybe someday I'll tell you where I've been and what I've gone
 through,  but for now I just want to say thank you for your material.

It truly is the very best.

Wishing you and your family the best

Joe Lapham


These Systems Are Making My House Payment!

Hey Jonny,

Thanks to your systems I?m making enough in sales to
cover my house payment every month!

Beyond that, the insight you?re sharing inside these systems
is literally changing the way I do business online.

What you have shared here can not only make people money
even if they?re totally new? it can eliminate almost all the
?effort? involved in setting up a new business!

And that stuff in there about how to set up your autoresponder
sequence so you get paid 3x as much money on autopilot?

Genius. I?ve started using it and the damn thing WORKS!

Thank you so much for this!

Charles Kirkland


"It Is The Best Internet Marketing
Course I've Ever Seen!"

Hey Jonny,

I've just finished reading this blueprint 
and I can tell you that it is the best Internet Marketing
Course I've ever seen.

Thank you so much for this!

Fred Lemaire


I've Been Using This To Make THOUSANDS Every Month

Hey Jonny...

It's really cool to see a fresh, new, simple to use system
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You're techniques WORK!

I should know, I've been using them myself to make
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100% Original!

Way too go big guy.

Gary Baker

This Is What You Can Accomplish Using Only A Fraction Of The Secrets You
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Discover where everyone else has gone wrong... inside this first, simple module I will answer every question you have and more.

Unlock the secrets to copy/paste simple online cash... I'm NOT going to make you hunt for keywords or "profitable" niches.  Inside I'll show you EXACTLY where to go to grab your cash!

How to start with nothing and be on your way to making your first $100,000 per year in as little as 7 days... (Yes!  This is my personal path... follow me and you will not have to struggle!)

Never again will you need to wonder "but HOW do I do that?!?"  Inside I will take your hand and show you EXACTLY who/what/where/why/how...  Everything.

But you have no product?  You have no site?  NO PROBLEM!  Inside you will unlock the secrets to having OTHER PEOPLE make your products FOR FREE...

Everything inside is 100% copy/paste/drag/drop simple... you will be not only provided with my personal cash-sucking templates - I'll even take you by the hand and SHOW YOU EXACTLY how to use them...

Yes!  You Can Change Everything In Just One Day... And This Is Your Opportunity

This System Will Put You On The Path To Launching Your Own Copy/Paste Simple Online Business And Making At Least $100,000 Per Year...

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Simple Models For Total Domination...

STOP: No more confusing layouts or instructions... with your new system you can simply order more money like ordering from a picture menu! 

Every business model, plan and blueprint they have never shown you... in stunning, money making video detail...

The hidden secret to getting started... how when you are a nobody with nothing using this tactic will make you more powerful than the biggest Internet Money Rockstars!

EXACTLY what to do so you can build your list fast... SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Simply copy me and watch your wealth explode! 

How to Create Products without actually doing anything? stop worrying about being an "expert" in something... with these crazy cash-blasting tactics you can let other people do all that "work" for you!  Just sit back and collect checks!

Are You Ready To Really Get Paid?  Once you have your new systems set up... you can grow them from simple Job-Slashing income to pure money-making madness!  (And yes... this part is just as simple!)

Everything Inside Is Laid Out In Step-By-Step Simple "Click The Picture And Profit" Directions With Complete Video Guides AND Blueprints...

ALL Your Questions Answered... Zero Geek Speak... Nothing Left To Chance...

Every How-To Video You Will Ever Need: How To Get The Money Fast... How To Make Your Money Bring Some Friends To The Party... How To Make Your New Business Copy/Paste/Drag/Drop Simple!

This is how you really build an autopilot business... when you know how to set it up correctly from the start, everything is easy!  Zero Code... Zero Effort... Just copy/paste/drag/drop your way to online wealth!

Make taking your customers money easy as copy/paste... done!  Watch as I walk you through the exact steps and sequences needed to set up the most simple, drag/drop basic pages so you can be making money fast...

No site?  Who Cares?!?!  Just use my proven templates and quickly customize them to fit your exact needs... (Welcome to the most in depth video series ever!)

NO GEEK SPEAK!  Seriously.  I don't even know what a lot of this stuff is really called... ZERO CODE NEEDED... I hate code. No kidding, I do not know how to code, yet I run a 1-man-massive 6 figure churning online business... and with this system you can too

Discover why you might be hurting yourself if you use ClickBank... yes, there are reasons why and when you unlock these dark truths you finally understand why you haven't been making money and exactly how you can fix it!

Want a Huge  list?  No problem... this is not only how you build one, it's also how to set it up, using 2 button pushes, so that you're able to sell 3x as much and make 3x the money!

Zero Code, Zero Geek Speak, Zero Computer Skills Needed...

Everything Is Made Copy/Paste/Drag/
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Discover the secrets even most of the Internet Elite have not yet seen... simple systems to get other people handing you cash month after month after month...

EXACTLY What To Do when you have NO LIST AND NOBODY LOVES YOU... (This module is what you have been looking for.)  How to grow a list of THOUSANDS from ZERO... and then how to double, then triple your subscriber base and income! 

The only PROVEN way to get other people to pay for your marketing and drive traffic FOR YOU... and how if you do not follow these simple steps, your online cash could be wiped out

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Insane, simple systems you already own which can be used to more than triple your online income with just a few, fast button pushes...

How to get paid for getting paid... and then how to get paid again for getting paid the first two times!  (Sounds  confusing?  Don't sweat it, when you see these videos everything will make sense and you'll drool just like I did when I first tripped over these tactics!)


(That $4,951.54 in PayPal cash you see below is the result what can be achieved in just 1 day once you have put these systems to work for you)

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The Subscription Sucker
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Inside this FREE bonus Blueprint you'll see how a simple 45 second "page tweak" can make the difference between building a HUGE list and forever wallowing in the kiddy pool... (Template included!)

Fast, Easy Money Using A Tool You May Not Know You Even Have $167 Value (Included FREE)

Inside this secret 2 part transcript series you'll hear from the masters how they are able to create crazy cash using other peoples information and products!  (Get the full 2 part series inside!) 

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This is how to make it really easy... if you act now you'll receive my personal copywriting blueprint showing you how to quickly and easily crank out powerful copy and get paid NOW...

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What you'll uncover inside this limited time bonus are too powerful to list here... but rest assured, when you apply these tactics you'll finally understand what it means to get paid like a "Guru"

These Will Not Last Long... So Act Now!

Wait... Is This Too Good To Be True?

Okay, I'm reading back through this and it's starting to sound like one of those "get rich quick" schemes I'm so dead set against. 

No, this is not that. 

In fact I'll be totally honest with you... you're going to have to take action to see results. "Get Rich Quick" couldn't be further from the truth. You're about to get your first real taste of what it means to be a part of a multi-million dollar industry.

This is a real business.

As with any real business, you WILL have to put some effort in to get results.

What you learn from The Guru Assassin will not make you a millionaire overnight.  Please do not think that's what I'm offering you.  And to further this open conversation we're having... that overnight millionaire system does not exist.  However...

If you are looking for a system that will

Blast you through the confusion and get you making money fast...

Show you simple, step-by-step instructions...

Actually work for YOU and help make YOU money...

Allow you to succeed on YOUR terms...

Then Yes... We Should Keep Talking

What you will learn is probably the easiest real method that anyone can use without any special skills or online know-how to start building real money quickly... sometimes within hours of implementing it.

And I do guarantee that.  

If for any reason  - or even no reason at all - you are not completely convinced that this simple to follow "just copy me and make money" plan cannot make you a very nice part time or even full time income, then you pay me NOTHING. More on this in a second.

"I Used Just One Tactic From This Program And A Few Days Later Was Able To Interview A New York Times Best Selling Author"

Hey Jonny,

Thanks to your program it was totally simple to break
into any market I liked.

I just went, step-by-step like you said stuff and got myself in
front of several experts including a New York Times best selling author!

That's right a New York Times best seller!

That one thing alone added HUNDREDS of people to my list!

I highly recommend this program to anyone either struggling or
looking to grow their business to levels you would never have
dreamed of!

The part where he shows you how to get paid without having
your own product... WOW!

Jonny is the real deal, this program really works and what's totally cool
is that you can make money following just a small portion of the lessons.

Get this.  You will not be disappointed.

Zoul Pio


"This Totally Works!  I Made $661.90 My First Day With My First Site! This Is Sooooooo Cool!"

Jonny, Jonny JONNY!

I did it!  I actually did it!

 Just like your course said... I just changed some of the words
around on those pages you have inside...

Then I did that copy/paste thing like you showed me in the video...

Then I sent that email template...

This totally works!

I freaked out when I got my first sale!  I had no idea
how cool it would feel to actually make real money!

Since I'm a single mom and hurt my wrist I can't go back
to work until the medical stuff clears... so I HAD to find a way to
make ends meet...

Something about your system hit a chord with me and I took
a chance.

I am so happy I did!  This has changed my life!

I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing all this feels and
how I'm NEVER going back to a normal job every again!

From both myself and my son... THANK YOU!

I'm getting ready to grow this little thing I made so
I can buy that house I've been looking at (Maybe even
next month!)

This is sooooooo cool!

Linda Jessogne


"I Made $4,259 In My First 45 Days... This Is Incredible"


This program is amazing.

Before I started doing this I was slaving away in forums
trying to write articles for people in exchange for them
throwing me a bone...

We're taking HOURS of work for basically nothing.

Then I found your program...

You opened my eyes to a way of doing business online
I have never seen before...

And you know what? 

It works.  

I put this stuff into practice and I made $4,259 in my
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This is incredible, I have never seen anything
pull in cash this fast... but more over... now I know
I can make more each and every month.

Your program is a total life changer. 

Thank you again for creating this amazing system!

Mike Williams

But Why Would I Want To Give These Secrets To You When They Cost Me So Much?

I have come to realize that my situation was no different than yours.  We are so much alike, and I know you have spent far too much time reading the books, going to the seminars, listening to the lies...

You are wasting your life to see next to zero returns from your efforts. I want to show you how to win.  How to really win, and to begin seeing the income streams you have always been promised. 

It starts by opening your eyes.  And that makes all the difference.  

When you begin to adopt the simple strategies found in The Guru Assassin your luck can change.   You eyes can be opened and you will never again be held hostage by the lies.

Work-Horse Methods Do Not Produce More Money... They Produce More Failure And Heart Attacks!

The methods you will find all over the Net, in every "Make Money System" is all about Busy Work. 

Those so-called Guru Secrets are designed to keep you out of the real money markets, that advice is created to hold you back, to get you focused on the manual labor aspect to your online business and NOT focus you on making money like they do.

Because if you were to make money like they do... You could take their market!  And they wouldn't want that, would they?

You see, I am DRIVEN to help you. 

For all the time you have spent searching the internet desperately looking for the secrets... and just when you thought you found it all it became was your money fattening another Guru pocket and not the key to success as they promised. Because this time last year I was exactly where you are now...

I had to fight through the smokescreen of lies, bad information and I was able to change my life.  And if you give me just a few more seconds, I may be able to offer you that same opportunity.   

My Story Began Just Like Yours...

I'm looking at the same computer monitor, I'm surfing the same Internet and dreaming the same dreams.  I swallowed the same lies and I had the same crushing failure. I bought into and spent thousands on all the latest and greatest products to "explode my sales this" and "make money that..." 

I needed to make those incredible sales... that would spell Freedom for myself... for my family... And it almost never happened.  

I was sitting in the same position you are in today, and now I'm looking back and it is hitting me how incredible this new understanding is.  How these small shifts in thinking and action can change so much for so many people.  

Today I understand that success happens not in the huge swings we take, but in the small, almost silent differences we make in our lives.  I know this now and...

... I realized I could give you that same feeling of excitement.  I realized that I could really make a difference in your life and give you the advantage... that you could experience the same success I am living...

Once My Eyes Were Opened I Was Able to Make $29,842.33 In Less Than 30 Days With These Systems...

And So Can You!

I am still amazed at how quickly it can all change.

I went from a total nobody with a run down computer, to launching a massive 6 figure online business almost over night. 

And I truly believe you can as well.

But only if you have the proper formula.  You need somebody to show you step by step through the maze of misinformation...

That's when I started looking for anyone who had this incredible information.  I wanted to know who else out there was like me, who else knew what I knew and did what I did. 

What I realized was the wasn't anyone. 

Not at the conferences, not in the top forums, not in the darkest corners of "black-hat" marketing.  When I went looking for an answer I only found lies, old promises, misguided advice... but even more...

...I discovered many of the ones selling the most were the ones who knew the least... 

Are You Willing To Use A Complete Blueprint That Will Not Only Make Your Life Easier, But Can Skyrocket Your Income With A Speed You Never Dreamed?

Because when you use this you leave the teaming masses behind with their failure... so you can finally take your place among the top online money-makers with ease?

But there is a catch: you must be willing to put aside your doubts and disbeliefs.  

You must be ready to take hold of this golden opportunity and allow me to show you things you have not seen before... and use strategies that may feel different... because they are.

You must be ready to unlearn the lies you have been taught in the past.  Because you have not yet looked beyond those locked doors and seen what an incredible power you have at your disposal. 

You have not yet truly seen what your freedom looks like.  Remember, this all started with me doing exactly what you are doing now but where we are heading is drastically more amazing... because I'm going to spill all the secrets for you:

The fact is, almost 99% of online marketers are just as broke today as they were when they first started out. 

Does that sound like you?     

The Real Truth Is... You Can Make Money Online Quickly And Easily When Have The Path Cut For You...

All You Must Do Is Say "YES!" And Grab That Opportunity Starring You In The Face...  

Let me ask you this: would you rather burn up years of your life heading in the wrong direction, following blueprints that have not yet been tried and tested? 

Would you rather join that powerful elite group who truly works only hours per week while still making a healthy 6 figure income?

Have you ever wondered if there may be just some small variation between what you do and what they do that makes make all the difference? 

The fact is... you would be right. 

Almost 100% of what you read has been written to lead you away from the truth on purpose. 

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