You're about to hold the key to the powerful WoW leveling paths of one of the fastest World of Warcraft levelers of all time. These aren't just the same old guides you've seen floating around the internet. These in-game guides contain the exact, most powerful, Alliance and Horde leveling paths that some of the pros would take to the grave, rather than share them with you.

Each of my in-game leveling guides includes a Starter Guide for each race. Let's say for instance you're an Alliance character. Zygor's In-Game Alliance Leveling Guide includes a Starter Guide for the Draenei, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf, and Human races. And the same goes for my In-Game Horde Leveling Guide. It includes a Starter Guide for the Blood Elf, Orc, Troll, Tauren, and Undead races.

Don't you just hate when you purchase a leveling guide and open it up, only to find out that the "leveling guide" is more like a general leveling reference? There's no real detail or meat and potatoes to the guide. Not fun, right?

That's why we've set out to create the absolute most detailed and comprehensive Alliance and Horde In-Game Leveling Guides ever. You will not find another leveling guide with as much detail as my guides contain.

They are written in a step-by-step format so it's extremely easy to use and keep track of where you are while leveling your characters. They include exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, what quests to do and not to do, what to kill, and what items to get and how many you need. Best of all, it tells you the exact order you need to do everything in order to level up fast. All you have to do is follow along and not fall asleep because the game will practically be on auto-pilot!

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